Product Description

Antholive is a premium Olive based formula, coupled with three anthocyanin-rich berry extracts – Elderberry, Chokeberry and Bilberry to strengthen the immune system in its fight against invaders.

Benefits and Features:

Contains Vitamin C, probiotic blend and prebiotic for added support

High antioxidant levels

Natural anti-viral & anti-bacterial alternative

Cardiovascular and eyesight protection

Promote skin healing & delay ageing

Easy to take powder sachets – Suitable for children & elderly

Great-tasting drink

No added sugars, preservatives and artificial colouring

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A Proprietary Blend of Elderberry, Chokeberry & Bilberry (Berry Defense™)

Anthocyanins are known to be excellent antioxidants and directly responsible for the red/purple pigmentation in fruits and vegetables. Darkly-coloured berries such as chokeberry, elderberry and bilberry have among the highest concentrations of anthocyanins. The anthocyanins in these berries appear to enhance immunity, function as anti-inflammatory agents, possess anti-viral properties and play an imminent role as tumour inhibitors.

Berry Defense™ is extracted using a proprietary membrane cold ultrafiltration enrichment process to optimise the concentration of anthocyanins and active compounds in the original fruit matrix. Standardised ethanol extract has higher amount of anthocyanins but at the expense of other vital compounds such as folic acid and magnesium. Berry Defense™ via ultrafitration contains more synergistic nutrients that promote better health.

Antholive is 100% safe and natural immune-boosting formula