Nutriva® Elaskin 2.0
April Tan, 36 (Cheras)

Angeline Ng, 35 (Shah Alam)

"Elaskin 2.0 has become dispensable part of my life"

Ms. Angeline was suffered from dehydration problem for many years; Her body water level is lacking at 30-50%. This problem bothered her a lot and she has consulted few doctors (both Chinese and Western practitioners) for it. At first, she was reluctant to consume supplement because she was worried that it might cause side effects. A pharmacist strongly recommended Elaskin 2.0 to her and she decided to give it a try. Ms. Angeline has been consuming Elaskin 2.0 for 5 months and she saw the changes after 2 weeks of consumption. She consumed 2 sachets of Elaskin 2.0 each day for first 2 months. Her body was rehydrated and her skin became smoother and brighter. She also recommended the product to her friends and family and always share with the pharmacists about her changes after consuming Elaskin 2.0.

"Elaskin 2.0 已变成我生活中不可或缺的一部分" 

Angeline多年来身体都有脱水问题。她体内的水分长期不足30-50%。这个问题困扰了她很久,她也为此咨询了很多医生,其中包括中医和西医。起初,她不愿意服用保健品因为担心会引起副作用。大约 5 个月前,她在药剂师的推荐下开始尝试 Elaskin 2.0。在持续服用 Elaskin 2.0 的 2个星期后,她的身体状况开始改善。她身体内的水分开始恢复正常标准,皮肤也变的更光滑和光亮。Angeline 经常与药剂师分享她的变化, 也向她的朋友和家人推荐该产品。