Nutriva® Premium Nutritional Yeast Recipe Idea
Nutritional Yeast Nasi Lemak Recipe Idea, 2019 (Malaysia)

🐟Anchovies Sambal🐟


🌶Ingredients for ChilliPaste 🌶

1 small bowl of garlic (peel skin)

1 small bowl of shallots (peel skin)

1 big onion (peel skin)

1 big bowl of fresh red chilli (removed seeds)

1 small chunk of turmeric

1 small chunk of belacan

1 small bowl of anchovies (finely chopped)

2-4 pcs Candlenuts



🌶Ingredients for sambal 🌶

1 big bowl of anchovies

Nutritional yeast flakes

Olive oil


To prepare for sambal paste

 1. Put all theingredients for chilli paste into blender (except anchovies), add some wateruntil a thick paste is formed, then, set aside.

 2. Heat some oil andfried the finely chopped anchovies until golden brown and crispy then took themout and set aside.

 3. Using the samewok, poured the chilli paste in, fried the paste until fragrant, add some waterto make it simmer. Poured the fried chopped anchovies inside. Fry till thepaste looks thickened and off the fire,

 4. Can separate thepaste into smaller storage glassware, wait for it to cold down and can keep infridge for future use.


To prepare for anchovies sambal

 1. Heat some oil inthe wok, poured drained anchovies in and fried with medium heat until turninggolden brown and crispy.

 2. Poured the sambalpaste in and slightly stirred until a thickened paste is observed. Off fire andthe sambal is ready to be served.


🥥Healthy Nasi Lemak 🍚



2 cups of rice (wash and drained)

Few pieces of Pandan leaves

Small chunk of ginger

One small bowl of cold pressed virgin coconut oil

Nutritional yeast powder


 1. Put the rice,Pandan leaves, and ginger into a rice cooker. Add some water until slightlyabove the rice. Then add 4 spoons of nutritional yeast powder in and stirredwell.

 2. When the rice iscooked, poured the coconut oil in and mixed well.

 3. The rice is readyto serve with the sambal, cucumber 🥒 slices and fried omelet🍳