Oliferin® Joint Flex
Suetlana Lee, 48 (KL)

Datin Amalopoo Marie, 70 (Kuala Lumpur)
Datin Marie was experiencing pain and swelling in knee joints after menopause. She was recommended by pharmacist to consume Oliferin®  Joint Flex and has been consuming it for 4 years. In as little as 2 weeks of consumption, she could feel less pain in joints. Oliferin® Joint Flex is a natural supplement that causes no side effect. It is well tolerated and would not cause her stomach (gastric) pain, unlike glucoamine. For Datin Marie, her life has greatly improved; she could stand and sit for longer periods and go for travelling without feeling any arches anymore.

Datin Marie在更年期后患有膝盖关节疼痛和肿胀。她在药剂师的推荐下开始服用Oliferin Joint Flex,并已持续服用了4年。在短短2周的服用后,她的关节疼痛已明显减轻。 Oliferin®  Joint Flex是由天然材料所制造而成的保健品,所以不会产生任何副作用。除此之外,它的耐受性良好,不会像葡萄糖胺 (glucoamine) 般引起胃痛。自从服用了 Oliferin®  Joint Flex 后,Datin Marie的生活有了很大的改善。她可以站立更长的时间,经常去旅行,膝盖关节也不再疼痛。