About us


About Nutriva International Sdn Bhd

Your health is our full time commitment. Sourcing sustainable solutions to improve health is our top priority. We at Nutriva International are committed to apply INNOVATIVE science with high performance ingredients to improve health and well being of our community.


While pursuing the latest clinically proven ingredients, we also ensure the product is SAFE for long term consumption. We are highly dedicated to present products in the most EFFECTIVE dosing or presentation.We also do our best to market our products in the most AFFORDABLE price without jeopardizing the three principles above.


We believe in giving back to society. From day one we have channeled a portion of our sales to charitable organizations. In this small way, we hope to incubate a sense of social responsibility among our staff as giving is always better than merely receiving.


Our Vision

To be your most trusted health supplement brand in life.

Our Mission

To provide access to the INNOVATIVE, SAFE, EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE health solutions to you.