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Importance of probiotics in human health

Importance of probiotics in human health

By Dietitian Nazira

People often thinks of bacteria and other microorganisms are harmful. Instead, in human body there are good and bad bacteria. Those good bacteria are called probiotics. Its role in human body is to help digest food, destroy disease-causing cells or to produce vitamins.

Most common place for probiotic is in the gut, mostly in large intestine. However, there are several other locations in our body that host good microbes include mouth, vagina, urinary tract, skin and lung.

Probiotics can help to maintain a healthy balance in our body. For example, probiotic help to work to fight off the bad bacteria entered our body when we are sicks. Probiotics will fight to restore the balance within our body and making us feel better. Probiotic also help to support our immune function and controlling inflammation. 

Probiotics can be found naturally in our body. Eating a well-balance diet rich in fibre every day helps to keep the number of probiotics at proper levels. Considering of taking supplementation with probiotics also is recommended for those with low level of probiotics.

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