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Picture of Nutriva® Elaskin 3.0 Superb 15's

Nutriva® Elaskin 3.0 Superb 15's

Functional Food Nutriva® Elaskin 3.0 Superb is an advanced beauty solution, taken orally, for nourishment of skin, eyes, hair and nails.
RM 173.00
Picture of Nutriva® MorZlim 2.0 Bio-GTE™ x Sinetrol®-Xpur: 20s x 25g

Nutriva® MorZlim 2.0 Bio-GTE™ x Sinetrol®-Xpur: 20s x 25g

Nutriva® MorZlim 2.0 Bio-GTE™ x Sinetrol®-Xpur (with improved taste), offers a healthy approach to weight management from multiple angles. It is a polyphenol-rich enzyme drink, containing: - Sinetrol®-Xpur, a clinically proven natural fat burner, with L-carnitine: - Enhanced with Bio-GTE™ enzyme treated green tea extract:
RM 188.00
Picture of Oliferin® Whitolive 60's

Oliferin® Whitolive 60's

MAL16085009NC Oliferin® Whitolive contains OPITAC™ Kohjin’s L-glutathione, OleaA® olive phytonutrients, grape seed extract, vitamin C, zinc yeast and black pepper extract that work synergistically to rejuvenate the skin naturally and improve cellular health.
RM 218.00
Picture of Oliferin® Eyetolive 30's

Oliferin® Eyetolive 30's

MAL21116126TC Oliferin® Eyetolive Capsule is a combination of olive phytonutrients, XanMax® Marigold Extract (Lutein & Zeaxanthin) and Memophenol™ (French Grape & Wild Canadian Blueberry Extracts), traditionally used for relieving tired eyes.
RM 158.00
Picture of Oliferin® Diakolive 30's

Oliferin® Diakolive 30's

MAL21106115TC Oliferin® Diakolive is formulated with OleaA® olive phytonutrients, clinically tested bitter gourd seed extract (Polypeptide-k) and cinammon bark extract to keep the body running smoothly.
RM 126.00
Picture of ADORE.U ESTROLICA Caps (3x10s)


MAL22026103TCR ADORE.U ESTROLICA consisting of -EstroG-100®️ (257MG Per capsule) which is a powerful combination of three herbal root extracts has been used more than 390 years in China and Korean. -Pine bark extract has also been used Europe and North America for over 2000 years. Phytoestrogenic Compositions that proven for Preventing or Treating Symptoms Associated with Menopause and Traditional used for Women’s Health.
RM 153.00
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